Collection: AR's Hot Southern Honey by Ames Russell

Visit this vendor on Field Day, May 7, in Burroughs Gym, to see their inventory.

AR’s Hot Southern Honey began in Richmond, Virginia in 2015 when founder Ames Russell dreamed up a method for combining two of his favorite flavors—sweet and spicy—into one scintillating Southern honey.

Ames’ innovation quickly won over his friends and family, and news of his hot honey spread like wildfire. Now available on retail shelves and restaurant menus nationwide, the brand has expanded to offer plain honey, peach hot sauce (with honey!), and spicy honey peanut butter in addition to AR’s signature hot honey.

Whether drizzled over fried chicken or pizza, paired with cheese and crackers, or stirred into a cocktail, AR’s Hot Southern Honey adds mouthwatering sweet heat to just about anything. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Pre-Orders can be picked up on Field Day at the AR's Hot Southern Honey booth.

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